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Welcome to Sunscreen Tinting, your premier destination for professional window tinting in Milford, CT! We understand the transformative power of window tinting and offer solutions for cars, boats, homes, stores, and commercial spaces.

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At Sunscreen Tinting, we're not just tinting windows; we're enhancing your life. Explore our window tinting solutions in Milford, CT, and beyond and take the first step toward creating a more comfortable, stylish, and secure environment for your car, boat, home, or business.
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Automotive Window Tinting: Style and Comfort on the Road

Unlock the Benefits of Automotive Window Tint

We believe that your journey on the road should be a comfortable and enjoyable one. Our automotive window tinting services not only add style but also enhance your driving experience.

Choose from a Range of Options

From improved privacy to reducing infrared heat, cutting glare, and protecting your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays, our window tint options cater to every preference. Whether you prefer nearly optically clear or the classic "limo" look, at Sunscreen Tinting, CT, we have the perfect window tint for your automobile.

Marine Window Film: A Cool, Comfortable Voyage

Enjoy Unmatched Comfort and Protection on the Water

Elevate your time on the water with our marine window film. Engineered to manage increased cabin temperatures, reduce glare, and provide exceptional UV protection, our film ensures a comfortable and safe boating experience. Sail with confidence, knowing you're shielded from the harsh sun rays!

Residential Window Tinting: Comfort and Style at Home

Create a Comfortable and Stylish Haven

Transform your Connecticut home with our residential window tinting. Reduce hotspots, take control of interior temperatures, and protect your interiors and loved ones from harmful UV rays.

If you're looking to add a touch of style, our decorative window film options are perfect for updating and improving all types of residential glass. Enhance your privacy and aesthetics simultaneously.

Commercial Window Film: Efficiency and Elegance in Your Workspace

Elevate Your Commercial Space

Make your Connecticut commercial space cooler, more energy-efficient, and comfortable to work in with our solar window films. Deflect heat and harmful UV rays in offices and businesses, enhancing productivity and comfort. Take your meeting room or glass divider to the next level with our wide variety of decorative window film options.

Security Window Film: Protect What Matters Most

Enhance Security and Peace of Mind

Safeguard your residence and protect your belongings with our security window film. Prevent glass breakage, deter unauthorized entry, and stop intrusion before it starts. Our security film can be applied to windows, glass doors, and entryways, providing peace of mind and added protection.


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“Very knowledgeable and customer oriented, I had a remote start installed in a 2021 jeep wrangler with a manual Transmission, it took a bit longer than expected and had to be kept over night to finish so they paid to get me home. Once the installation was complete David went over everything and didn’t walk away until he knew I

Nelson Escobar

“The absolute best when it comes to customer service. John, the manager, was willing to answer all of my questions in full and kept me informed on all of my orders as they came through. I have never had this great of an experience with any other company. Highly recommend. Would never go anywhere else.”

Stefan Hlobik

“Great service from John and staff. The were very kind and considerate of your needs and budget and extremely helpful and knowledgeable of their products”

Sue MacDonald Rowe


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